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Biggest bonito of the day.     How many fishermen does it take to screw in a lightbulb?     Don't worry, Sam. It won't bite.

          We were looking at them and they were looking at us.          

There were 100's of dolphins around us.      Reel Hot     It's Flipper!

B.A., you call that a fish?     Now that's a fish!     Cheryl, closer to the camera...it'll look bigger.

We got color...     ...almost got it...     ...they're practically jumping in the boat!

They weren't big but they were fun!     I think it gained 5 pounds since I caught it!      Reel Hot headin' out

Turn left at the next stop light...     Hold still so I can get the hook out. You too, fish.      We pulled this big yellowtail out from under a giant kelp paddy.      Is there a prize for the smallest yellowtail?

Yow. This fish is puking minnows like crazy.      Nice bonito, Jeff!     Mine is definitely bigger than yours.

Where are the brakes on this thing?     These bonito were boiling all around the boat.     Just a few more before dark, OK?

Brad's big yellowtail      Before...     Yea, yea, yea. We know you got the biggest one.      ...After

Brad trying to get the sea lion to take the fish out of his hand...      The Star of India at sea     Had to drop the sardine to get him to take it...

He's getting bolder...      Cudas don't bite, do they?      Take that you humans!