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Heading to the ramp...It's time to come home.

Kona Kai Marina view from Shelter Pointe Hotel.

Sunup in San Diego.      Sunrise in San Diego.

     Jeff with the biggest fish of the season.     Yea, yea, yea...you're the man.    




          Joel with a monster cuda.


Captain Rhino at the helm.           One of many sunfish we saw all season long.

Fighting the biggest tuna of the season...     Oh no. A shark ate my big tuna. (Lure flying at bottom right.)     You are gonna pay for that sucker...

Gotcha sucker.      Jaws junior.      Tag... you're it.

     Tag and release...     There were other hooks in his mouth.

No, you can't leave yet.          Say cheese...

I can't believe we got up this early!      Can fish really see in the dark?      Sparrows taking a rest 60 miles out at sea.

Nice bluefin!      This fish is still lit up.      It's nappy time for Jeff.

Jerry working on an albie...      Come to papa, Charlie...      He does not like that gaff one bit...

Here comes our biggest albacore of the season (30 lbs.).      Nice albie, Jerry.     


Great view from up here...      One false move and he's a swimmer...      ...Think I'll take a seat.


A sea lion getting a sun tan.      Gilligan's Island...     Gilligan and Mary Ann gettin' jiggy in there...

Time for a cool one...      Yeah, baby!     A big flock of pelicans.


Sunrise over downtown San Diego.      Sundown...     The end of another great day!

More tuna to clean...           Brad workin' on getting some tail.

That's a big'un- 21 pounds.     Hurry up. This sucker is HEAVY.     Do you believe the size of this fish?

Very many dolphin were out today.     1st fish of the day.     A whale.

Check out his big boy!     Do we have room for this one?     Here comes another one.

Dolphins swimming with the boat.     A cuda as big as Neil's son, Warren!     I caught it myself.  That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

11 tuna to clean...     How many more to go?     How do we get this into a can?

I caught this one...     It's almost as big as me...     Somebody call Starkist!

They were jumpin' into the boat!     That ain't spilled Koolaid.     Tunas to go...

Just warmin' up for the big boys.     Feedin' the birds the leftover bait.     Nice bass, Chris.