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          The 2000 season started slow but we finally found the yellowfin tuna.          
The goal this year was to catch a marlin (we saw 2 but caught 0)
and a 100+ pound tuna (they were around but not on our lines).
Maybe next year...

2000 ushered in the new millennium and a new, bigger Big Kahuna!

A few new boat bugs... Almost ready to go back in the water... The boat has a name!

Yellowfin tuna

What are these guys doing? The biggest tuna of the day.

The first adventure of Big Kahuna II- Labor Day weekend

Awesome sunrise or what? Wow!!

Joel finally earned his hat! Yeah, we caught tuna on the new Kahuna. Yep, it's a fishin' boat!

The last adventure of Big Kahuna I

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Albacore tuna

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