Year-to-Date Catch Count




Albacore Tuna


Bigeye Tuna    
Bluefin Tuna    
Blue Shark 3  


48 4x2/ 2x3
Dorado 1  
Mako Shark    

Striped Marlin

Skipjack Tuna    
Yellowfin Tuna 8  
Yellowtail 33  

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Beluga whales and dolphins swimming together.


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We got into the albacore for the first time this year on Memorial Day Weekend.

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There were tons of whales around this weekend (3/3-3/4).

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The bonito were really biting- 44 fish in two days- near Todos Santos Islands.

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The 2001 season started early with the boat down in Ensenada.
We haven't fished yet and are still just exploring the new territory.

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Is this what Alfred Hitchcock had in mind?

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We followed a whale for about an hour until a cruise ship spooked it.
Then a giant came out of the ocean and squished the cruise ship with his thumb.

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Welcome to Mexico where the fish are hungry, the beer is cold
and the women are friendly (see rule #2).

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