2005 Action

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November 22 on the new boat black marlin fishing in the Coral Sea south of Brisbane. Sunny morning. Rainy afternoon. No bites. We fished in 150 feet of water where two currents come together and bait fish accumulate. One side of the current line was crystal blue and the other was murky green. A month later and this area is loaded with marlin, sailfish, tuna, wahoo and dorado that come in close to chase the bait. Some boats had a few bites a couple days before though. The captain said 5-10 marlin hookups per day are common. You can see the spreader bar and daisy chain teasers in a couple of the photos. We had to use the rod holders on the flybridge to hold the poles when trolling because the holders in the cockpit had not been installed yet. We also had a drop-back line ready to go. You can see the beach in the background of some of the pictures. The highrises that are also visible are Surfer's Paradise, a popular tourist destination with lots of condos. The water was very smooth. We watched a storm approach on the boat's powerful radar in the afternoon and maneuvered around it until it finally overtook us. We called it a day and headed back up the Coomera River to Sanctuary Cove Marina where we were staying. No fish but still a nice first fishing trip in the new boat.
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July 23 with Rick Levenson on his Riviera 42- Something's Fishy
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We did not go fishing on Big Kahuna 2 this year because it was for sale and I wanted to keep it clean and ready to show.