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Return from Puerto Vallarta to San Diego

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1st Cow Yellowfin tuna 7/29/06 278 lbs.
X 1st Marlin (a blue) 10/27/06 248 lbs.
Nope 1st Sailfish    
Not really Big Dorado 2/17/07 25 lbs.
Nope 1st Roosterfish    
Nope 1st Wahoo    
X 1st Pargo 7/1/06 25 lbs.
X 1st Snook 11/27/06 7 lbs.

Rhino's Fishing Report Blog

6/11/07-6/15/07-  Puerto Vallarta to San Diego

This was our last day in PV.

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Day 1- Crossing from PV to Cabo, we caught three striped marlin and one blue marlin. The water was very smooth.

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This is the first marlin we caught that John brought in. It was still a little green so it put on a nice show at the back of the boat.




This is the blue marlin that Tony caught.


We had two marlin on at once in the photos below. We landed them both. In the center photo you can see the fin of the second fish over Tony's head.

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Day 2- The water was glassy smooth. We stopped in Cabo for fuel. It was not too busy so we were in and out pretty fast.

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P6121050 panorama.jpg (2853930 bytes)

North of Cabo getting close to Mag Bay we almost ran over two marlin and chased two swordfish around but they would not bite. There were temperatures breaks that would change by 5 degrees in 30 minutes. There would be lots of life on the warm side of the break.

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We saw some awesome sunrises and sunsets on this trip.

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Day 3- North of Mag Bay we caught this dorado that got filleted quickly and put in the freezer for later. The water was smooth during the day but got rough from 7PM to about 3AM.

P6131099.JPG (382862 bytes) P6131097.JPG (409570 bytes) P6131101.JPG (371878 bytes)

Day 4- Flying fish jumped in the boat during the night. We pulled into Turtle Bay for fuel. There was a very pesky salesman trying to convince us to go to the competing old fuel dock instead of the very convenient fuel boat that comes to you. I hope he is not paid on commission. Again, the water was smooth during the day but got rough from 7PM to about 2AM. It was not as bad as the night before though.

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We BBQ'd the dorado while passing Cedros Island. Tony was the chef and the fish turned out great. Even I liked it- and I am a catch and release guy.

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Day 5- Ensenada was our last chance for cheap fuel in Mexico. They had run out, as usual. We had to stop here to check out of Mexico anyway. Look how brown the water was close to shore. We assumed it was a "red tide".

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We arrived in San Diego and checked in at the customs dock. A sub was heading out just as we passed the sub station. It felt good to be back "home". The cool air was a nice change from the balmy hot tropical air. I can finally give the A/C units a rest.

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4/20/07- We went looking for sailfish and rooster fish but only caught this one dorado. We did see hundreds of manta rays jumping out of the water though, which was a first.

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2/17/07- We caught 2 dorados and a marlin that pulled down an outrigger on the hookup and then came unhooked at the transom for a "look-but-don't-touch" release.
Brant caught one of the many snook swimming in the underwater lights.

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2/16/07- Ella the cougar is getting bigger. She seems very tame and content.

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1/27/07- More awesome sunsets at Paradise Village.

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1/25/07- Baby cougars & sunsets. No fishing this weekend, just relaxing and goofing off.

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1/12/07- There was a crowd at El Banco- and some killer fishing yachts. Red Rooster was anchored on the high spot pissing everyone off.

P1120836.JPG (340549 bytes) Herk on Frantic Pace P1120839.JPG (363354 bytes) P1120841.JPG (350275 bytes) P1120842.JPG (345303 bytes) P1120843.JPG (347697 bytes) P1120844.JPG (355927 bytes) P1120845.JPG (333718 bytes) Brandt on Redneck

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1/12/07- There was more action in the marina than at El Banco.

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